Q: Dark Silk does not generate much foam. How can I be sure that my hair has been washed well ?

A: That is right, there is very little foam when washing your hair with Dark Silk.Most foam generated by chemical shampoos comes from foaming agents additives. Manufacturers have been adding foaming agents not only to shampoos, but to many other cleaners for marketing purposes for a long time. Over time people have become accustomed to the presence of foaming to the point where foaming is now being confused by many as a measure of "cleaning effectiveness" of a shampoo, a detergent....

Because Dark Silk is a totally natural product it contains no foaming agent to impress the user of its cleaning ability. Limited foaming during Dark Silk hair wash is from Dark Silk natural plant saponins.

Dark Silk's wonderful cleaning ability while preserving natural scalp balance has been well recognized. Absence of foaming is just another good news. Apart from introducing additional chemicals into your body, foaming additives are of no much use.