Q: I am using Dark Silk for the first time. After my first hair wash I have noticed small white flakes clinging stubburnly to my hair. I have not observed this with other hair wash products.

A: Dark Silk is designed to cleanse your hair and scalp of old residues so that your scalp can breathe again. Good scalp breathing is essential for a healthy scalp and hair. Small flakes are leftovers from hair conditioner and other substances applied to your hair over time.

Many hair conditioners are made from polymers. A particularly common polymer found in hair conditioners is a silicone called Dimethicone. This is a water-resistant substance sealing your hair shaft, thereby achieving smooth hair appearance.

It normally takes about three or four Dark Silk hair washes before these residues are completely washed away. After that you will see no more flakes.

Polymer based hair conditioners seal not only your hair, but unfortunately also your scalp, blocking hair follicles and trapping sweat, dust and everything else below this silicone coating. A silicone-coated scalp can not breathe. Prolonged use of these hair conditioners will have detrimental effect on the

health of your hair and scalp. Scalp infections are likely when the scalp can not breathe.

Do not use any hair conditioner after your Dark Silk hair wash. Plant proteins and oils in Dark Silk will make your hair smooth, shiny, easy-flowing and soft like silk, while allowing your hair and scalp to breathe the way it should.