Q: Why do I turn to grey at such young age? How can I solve this problem?

A: Turning to grey early is very common phenomena in current society. The reasons are believed from many factors like pollution, improperly shampoo usage, diet and mental pressure. Other factor is dying hair often. It is very important that we should avoid dyeing our hair for this or other reasons so casually. Many research and facts show that the chemical hair dye is very harmful for people’s health. Because most chemical hair dyes are made from para-phenylenediamine(PPD), which is very suspicious chemicals that causes the alleges of skin and even more serious problem. We recommend that in order to prevent and stop grey and recover your hair pigment from fading you should practice with several rules:

1. Using Dark Silk hair wash infusion to wash your hair, many our customers are very happy to tell us that after they have used the Dark Silk for several wash they found that their hair is stronger, shiner and hair pigment enhanced. The reason is Dark Silk can effectively clear the hair follicles then the blood supply can easily reach to the root of the hair to provide active metabolism for hair growth and pigment. And Dark Silk has no chemical deposition on your hair, tissue and scalp after wash. This is why we give our product to such name. Dark Silk enhance your hair pigment and make your hair silk like looking.

2. Eating more vegetables, especially the dark green leaf veges. Some natural black foods are very good to enhance the pigment of hair as well. For example black sesame seeds (lightly roast, 20g/day), walnut.
3. Gently message your scalp every day for 20 minutes.
4. To avoid unknown chemicals contacting to hair or scalp.