Q: I heard that using the most common hair conditioner is not such a good idea. Hair conditioners are normally made from polymers/silicones. They will block your hair follicles and coat your hair and scalp with an impermeable film. Is this true ?

A: Generally true. Most hair conditioners are made from silicone, usually called "dimethicone". This is a relatively non-greasy material; supposedly it can seal the hair shaft making it smooth. This should make your hair easy-flowing, shiny and well managable. You may well imagine by now that it is really all good news about using a hair conditioner.

Applying such hair conditioner means coating your hair and scalp with a thin film, much like a plastic wrap - trapping everything under it: dirt, sweat, skin oil.......Prolonged trapping of these will cause irritation and infections. Silicone trapped in the hair follicles will block hair and blood access to the hair's reproductive organ (bulb), causing hair loss and permanent damage to hair follicles. To top it all, silicone is non-biodegradable, causing additional environmental impact.

We all know that silicone is such a useful material. Plumbers and other trades people absolutely love it,  because it can seal any gap and make 100% water proofing. Just imagine such water proof coating spread over your hair and scalp time after time again. Your hair will eventually turn heavy, lifeless, dull.  Your scalp and hair follicles will be blocked, unable to breathe.Your hair quality will deteriorate before too long.