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Pearl Silk Powder
Genuine Silk Powder with flower buds and fine ground pearls -and nothing else

This unique product is made entirely from natural ingredients. It comes in several colours to match various occasions and skin tones.

Pearl Silk Powder's gentle colours and subtle natural fragrances are from real flower buds processed in a proprietary process, which preserves the buds's natural fragrances and colours.

Sea pearl powder content in Pearl Silk Powder provides certain level of cover, while the real silk powder diffuses light, giving your skin a soft, sheer and unbelievably natural look.

Available in these tones:

01. Spring Peach, with Rose + Pearl + Silk
A perfect choice for fair-skinned people wishing to show a soft blush appearance. Subtle and natural, Rose tone Pearl Silk Powder provides perfect results and subtle cherry-tone cheeks.

02. Fine Ivory, with Jasmine + Pearl + Silk
Providing a sheer and subtle finish. Refined, neutral and classic, suitable for most skin tones. For people looking for a smooth and young, yet classic look, Fine Ivory tone of Pearl Silk Powder is an automatic choice.

03. Ginkgo Green, with Aloe + Pearl + Silk
If you want your skin to sport a crystal-clear fair look, we suggest Ginkgo Green. Ideal for slightly reddish face complexion and for masking-over tiny surface capillaries. Apply Ginkgo Green powder to your face and your skin will look light, smooth and rich of natural lustre. This powder tone can cover minor skin blemishes, acne and dark skin spots.

04. Wisteria Purple, with Lavender + Pearl + Silk
This most interesting of all our Pearl Silk Powder tones is especially suitable for dark or dull skin tones. For covering slightly yellowish complexion, Wisteria purple is also a perfect choice. After applying Wisteria purple your face will look bright, vivid and rich in natural cherry tone. Perfect as eye shade to cover black eye circles or swollen eyes.

05. Autumn Wheat, with Calendula + Pearl + Silk
Our latest addition to the Pearl Silk Powder range perfectly complements your active and sporty style. It imparts a radiant look with a healthy sunshine-like tone. Particularly suitable for mature gentlemen. This is the tone created for summer as it blends particularly well into the summer beach-life atmosphere.

When using Golden Silk Oil and Pearl Silk Powder as your daily make-up combination, you do not need to use chemical make-up removers and deep cleansers. Pearl Silk powder is easy to wash away with warm water making it easy to maintain optimum sebum balance.


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