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Golden Silk Oil from Golden Camellia Flower
with natural vitamin E
100% natural moisturizer for best absorption, nutrition and protection.

Regular application of Golden Silk Oil will replenish the sebum film protection and lighten the skin complexion. It helps recover skin's natural youthful radiance and suppleness. Totally unique in the way it absorbs thoroughly and quickly into the skin, combining with skin sebum without leaving behind a thick greasy film on the skin surface.

Golden Silk Oil  is best for repair skin tissue cell, replenish the skin sebum and retain the moisture in the skin.

Golden silk Oil has wonderful results for  recovering damage skin tissue due to eczema, bed sore. psoriases and sun burning. etc.

Extracted from GMO-free wild grown Camellias, Golden Silk Oil is the finest natural plant oil for human skin. It contains vitamins A, B, C and D, as well as beta-carotene, polyphenols and other anti-oxidizing substances. Ideal as a totally natural make-up base or as a baby oil.

With an adult skin area covering about two square metres and with a mass of about 12-15% of the total body mass, skin is our biggest organ. It covers the entire body, forming a barrier protecting from outside harms.

A thin sebum film on the skin surface, secreted by sebaceous glands, is an extremely important front-line protective component of our skin. One of the sebum’s main functions is in helping to maintain skin’s and tissues’ moisture balance. Correct skin moisture level and good sebum balance result in a healthy looking skin with a natural waxy surface. Such skin is soft, supple and young-looking. On the contrary, a skin with poor sebum balance looks dull and ash-dry, with many tiny wrinkles covering the entire skin surface.

More severe cases of sebum imbalance can result in excess skin surface scale. These can form due to either dry waxy sebum (seborrhea sicca) or due to excessively oily sebum (seborrhea oleosa). Skin inflammation (seborrheic dermatitis) is an extreme and direct manifestation of severe sebum imbalance. Unfortunately all these conditions are relatively common in our modern lifestyle.

Often our skin glands can not generate enough of this precious natural protective sebum film. Such skin feels dry, short of elasticity and tight. Fine, densely spaced wrinkles on the skin surface and an occasional “tight skin” feeling are direct results of poor skin elasticity due to low sebum secretion.

Following are the most common reasons for poor sebum secretion:
Advanced age
Poor health and nutrition
Stressed lifestyle
▪ Frequent use of chemical cleansers and make-up removers, most of which contain
  chemical surfactants as their main active Ingredient. Chemical surfactants are effective in
  removing oil and dust. Unfortunately, they can also over-remove sebum, and worse
  - they can damage sebum glands. This can result in sebaceous glands losing their
  sebum-generating ability.

In situations like this, skin badly needs a substitute for the lost sebum – an oil that absorbs easily and totally and which can protect the skin while keeping it moist and supple. Golden Silk Oil is extracted from GMO-free wild growing golden Camellias in a process totally free of man-made chemicals.

Golden Silk Oil, having a composition quite similar to that of sebum, is such ideal oil. It is easily accepted by the human skin and is suitable for all skin types. Applying Golden Silk Oil will recover skin from its tight, dry and flat condition.

Golden Silk Oil contains unsaturated plant fats, vitamins A, B, E and D, β-carotene, as well as polyphenols and other anti-oxidizing substances. Golden Silk Oil is totally natural; it contains no man-made substances.

Use it as a lip gloss. Apply Golden Silk Oil as a base before applying lipstick, to prevent
  synthetic dyes and other chemicals in the Lipstick penetrating into the lip tissue.
Use it as a hand lotion, because Golden Silk Oil is a perfect hand protector.
Apply after the evening face-cleansing. Golden Silk Oil will help the skin retain its
  moisture all night long, providing a feeling of fresh supple face when waking-up in the
Golden Silk Oil can reduce fatigued-eye circles. Simply put a few drops of Golden Silk Oil
  onto a cosmetic-grade cotton ball and lightly press around the eyes. This will help
  reduce dark circles, remove eye bags and firm-up the skin.
To reduce skin stretch-marks after giving birth, apply Golden Silk Oil and gently massage
  the belly in a circular motion for about 15 minutes daily.
Because it is totally chemicals-free, it is very suitable for baby use.
Apply a thin film of Golden Silk Oil before applying Pearl Silk Loose Powder as your 100%
  Natural Cosmetics Combination.




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