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Dark Silk -100% Natural Hair Wash
Totally Unique.

Made entirely from plants, All Dark Silk ingredients are extracted from wild GMO-free Plants. totally Organic.

Dark Silk 100% Natural Hair Wash is created for people who demand totally natural personal care products free of man-made chemicals, fragrances, colours, perspectives, etc.  Dark Silk leaves your hair silky-smooth, soft and full of body. Hair conditioner is not necessary with Dark Silk. ideal for people suffering hair loss, oily hair, early greying and scalp itchy.

  Dark Silk Contents
  Dark Silk Function
  Hair loss - most common reasons
  Plant Saponin - The key ingredient of Dark Silk
  No Chemical Residues on your hair after Dark Silk Hair Wash
  No Hair Conditioner needed after Dark Silk Hair Wash
Dark Silk - Totally Environment Friendly
Dark Silk Application Kit
  How to use Dark Silk Classic
  Method 1
  Method 2 (alternative way to use Dark Silk)
  Results are so encouraging
Because Dark Silk contains no artificial foaming or emulsifying agents, it will produce little foaming during your hair wash. Dark Silk will nevertheless clean your hair, scalp and hair follicles very effectively without leaving behind undesirable chemical residues

By using Dark Silk, there is no need for hair conditioner,  The natural protein, plant oil  in Dark Silk combine into a perfect hair nutrient. These will nourish and protect your hair while keeping it good looking, lively, full of body and oil-free

Dark Silk is gentle on your hair and scalp - and on your hands, too. Some of our customers use Dark Silk to soak their hands.  because they have found that Dark Silk - unlike most chemical detergents - is not causing KTPP ( Keratodermia Tylodes Palmaris Progressiva - commonly known as "Huosewive's eczema" ) even helps their hand to recover. KTPP is very common and most unpleasant condition of hand skin problem, it is caused by long term skin expose to chemical detergents. and the detergent over solve the hand sebum. It  often happens among the housewives, barbers, hairdressers, healthcare personnel, and food/drink-related service providers. As 100% natural hair wash Dark Silk is helping many hair dresser to recover their  hand from "Housewife 's eczema"






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