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 Dark Silk Australia has strong research team for the products development and safety control. Whole Dark Silk products are carefully designed and researched by the Dark Silk Australia research team with the plant scientists and biochemistry experts. The team managers and main members are participate and involve:

1. The national anti cancer herb database set up

2. Effective substance extract from natural plants for medical use project.

3. Three dimension herb compound molecule model theory and drug-receptor model in calculation and in vitro model.

4.  The side effect of the long term and short term using chemical substances in current personal care products on human beings

5. Water conservation by reduce the chemical pollution through daily life.

6. 100% Naturally Occurring Chemical (totally free of man-made chemicals) personal care products. Developed to reduce man made chemical pollution for our soil, rivers, fish-stock, birds and of our children.

Our aim is to provide and promote a variety of products contributing to reducing chemical pollution of our environment and of our bodies.

Our R&D team is continuously researching new products totally free of chemical pollution.

We strongly believe that innovation and technology are the two key elements for the company's survival and prosperity.


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