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Knowledge Base for your Well-Being:
  Another way to treat Androgenic Alopecia and general hair loss
  women’s bodies end up absorbing three to five kilos of chemicals every year
  Keeping your sebum, Keeping your young looking
  The Reasons I would not use chemical shampoo
  The definition of a naturally occurring chemical ?
  What is normally inside a conventional hair shampoo ?
  Why is it said that SLS (and many other man-made chemical surfactants) found in conventional shampoos are neither ideal or safe for use in personal care products ?
  Using the most common hair conditioner is not such a good idea. Hair conditioners are normally made from polymers/silicons. They will block your hair follicles and coat your hair and scalp with an impermeable film.
  Is Dark Silk really effective against general hair loss ?
  I am using Dark Silk for the first time. After my first hair wash I have noticed small white flakes clinging stubbornly to  this with other hair wash hair. I have not observed
  Dark Silk does not generate much foam. How can I be sure that my hair has been washed well ?
  Is Dark Silk suitable for light hair and coloured hair ?
  I heard that many hair shampoos in the market are not tested for skin and eye irritation, because there is no specific standard. How about Dark Silk? Has it been tested for eye irritation ?
  What is an Endocrine Disruptor Substance (EDS) ?
  How can I avoid this sort of pollution ?
  Why do I turn grey at such young age ? How can I help ?

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