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Dark Silk is a totally ethical, totally organic, totally effective plant-based formula, prepared without use of chemicals that both washes and conditions your hair

There are many shampoos on the market currently parading themselves as "natural shampoos". Apart from having a relatively small quantity of some natural extract added, these shampoos usually are predominantly based on man-made chemicals. Dark Silk, on the other hand, is totally free of any man-made chemicals.

Dark Silk is made entirely from "Naturally Occurring Chemicals" as defined by the Australian Government's "Department of Health and Ageing"

A naturally-occurring chemical here designates a chemical occurring in a natural environment, being a substance that is extracted by:

Manual, mechanical

or gravitational means;

or  Dissolution in water;

o Flotation;

or   A process of heating for the sole purpose of removing uncombined water

all without chemical change in the substance.

Dark Silk is a 100 % plant product manufactured exactly according to this definition

Dark Silk is a 100% Australian company

Dark Silk Hair Wash is a 100% natural hair wash product

Our enthusiasm for developing new and totally natural personal care products is driven by our desire to care for our customer and for our environment

We are located in Moorabbin, Australia, in the industrial centre of the state of Victoria, just 15km away from the Melbourne city centre



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